Blog Hall of Fame

Here is a list of blogs I follow and support. I’m always looking at new content, so expect this list to change on a semi-regular basis.

(Last update: 22/09/2017)

100WordAnime – Otherwise known as Karandi, don’t let the blog name deceive you. 100 word posts are more like a minimum standard than the norm here. There is quite a wide variety of consistent content on this blog, from seasonal anime pickings and series reviews to special features and link round-ups. Karandi is pretty active in the community & has a Patreon if you’re willing to support it!

Patreon: Karandi James

Favourite Posts: Remembering Haruhi Suzumiya, Consistently Inconsistent – Bungo Stray Dogs

I Have a Heroine Problem – Caitlin is an inspired writer and feminist critic who has involved herself in the anime scene most prominently as a panelist at Sakura Con 2017 and as a staff member over at AnimeFeminist. She has a Heroine Problem that you might be familiar with!

Favourite Posts: Missing Miss Hokusai, Sexual Assault – Kiss Him, Not me!

Fantastic Memes – Frog has always been heavily involved in the blogging scene even before the opportunity to earn money came from it. Some of my favourite posts of his were features in the #12Days of aniblogging event from last December & shares many of the same perspectives as me.

Crunchyroll: Frog-Kun

Favourite Posts: Making Friends with AniFemsMixing Anime and Reality

Litakinoanimecorner – Lita is a blessing to the anime community. I already spent some time gushing about her in my past Sunshine Blogger post but here’s a recap anyway. She’s compassionate, supportive, hardworking and driven by positivity. I haven’t seen anyone who knows Lita and doesn’t love her! She’s been a big help to me as well, promoting my content and always a kind word to say, so please check her stuff out.

Youtube: xXLitaKinoXx

Favourite Posts: “This looks average”, Friday Features (All of them)

Throughthepainting – Inksquid is a fellow #12Days blogger who never ceases to amaze. From impressive bilingual endeavors, to surprising amounts of creative ingenuity, I always keep an eye on what Ink is doing. I’m not nearly smart enough to do translation work myself, but if you are, make sure to message Ink in an obscure and poorly understood language for my personal amusement.

Favourite Posts: Interview with Rakugo Shinju’s Creator, Anna at Marnie’s Party

Toritsukamanga – Otherwise known as Acacia Aurora, she is a manga and anime inspired blogger who also occasionally dabbles into other mediums such as poetry and drawing. Of the above, I particularly like her poetry, as it reminds me of my own (now abandoned) work when I was younger. It’s all good  stuff.

Favourite Posts:  Today Will be a Wonderful Day, Commemoration for 100 Followers

A Carriage Return  – Resident Kohai of the AllHailHaruhi blog. I don’t deserve to be a Senpai, but with the amount of back and forth we’ve had discussing ideas, it kind of feels that way. Like Ink, he’s one of the original #12Days crew, which means you’ll never be as cool as us. Carriage can do no wrong.

Favourite Posts: The Passionate Fan, A Letter from a Line

Nemuromemorialhall – Certainly more of a Twitter user than a blogger, but deserving of a mention none the less. Witch blends abstract philosophy with Pokemon, Mayoiga or just about anything really. Much love.

Favourite Posts: Gundam Build Fighters sold me on GundamMy Relationship with Mawaru Penguindrum

Apprentice Mages Lounge – Known on Twitter as Derek, his blog aims to recapture the same enthusiastic discussion he once found in iblessal’s weekly anime posts. I like what he has been doing, and his long history of watching animated series gives his writing a unique slant to it.

Favourite Posts: NaHaiWriMo 2017 (+weekly seasonal posts)

Plain Pasta and Plain Rice – Anything but plain, her tastes are actually quite different from the crowd. Despite watching longer series, her love remains firmly directed at animated shorts, which helps bring the spotlight onto some perhaps lesser known series. The fact that she also has a detail orientated mind is only a plus.

Favourite Posts: I Like ShortsAnime Tracking Site Comparison

The Lilly Garden  – Remy is an active community member with a penchant for Yuri anime and manga. His blog ‘The Lilly Garden’ might be the go-to place for Yuri focused articles, but you’ll also find a reason to stay with his consistent episode reviews and approachable personality.

Favourite Posts: Abrupt LaughterMy Thoughts on Yuri Anime – Fanservice

All Andrealinia – I love Andrealinia. I’ve been following the development of her blog since her ambitious feminism in gaming series. Since then her writing skills have only grown and (if I can be so presumptuous) her confidence as well. I’ll always be on her team!

Favourite Posts: Mirrors Within TMoHS, Does the OP matter?

Archi-Anime – Hazelyn is like an aspirational role model and a quirky goofball all rolled up into one. Smart and relatable, I’m confident she can get along with just about anybody. Her blog offers OWLs contributions, architectural insights, weekly fanposts, nendroids and more. I love it all.

Favourite Posts: Queen of the Curve, Who says women can’t coach

Otaku She Wrote – This is another blog that I’m proud to have been around for as it was just getting started. Marion puts a remarkable amount of professionalism into her work and I hope her efforts are appreciated. I can certainly say that if her current content is anything to go by, this blog is one to keep an eye on.

Favourite Posts: Brainiacs need useless girls, The Complexity of Lady Eboshi