Fashion Feature: Prince Narek

Fashion Feature is a series in which I take one character from an anime series or franchise, and reverse engineer their fashion choices. The post can cover what works, what doesn’t, what I would wear and lastly what I think might suit them based on their current wardrobe.

Today the spotlight is on Prince Narek, one of principal characters from the Winter 2018 anime “Dampri Anime Caravan”

For those who might not be ‘in the know’ about Prince Narek, he is best described as…an eccentric character. A man whose status as a prince is at once inseparable from his boundless ego, inflated self-worth and just about every other synonym for vain.

It then goes without saying that such an individual would have their wardrobe filled with only the finest clothing, in order to properly reflect the oh-so-divine image they wish to project.


As you can see, his primary outfit is about as outrageous and eye-catching as you would expect. Although it would be tempting to tear into his fashion sense as a means of bringing him down a notch, in reality I can’t help but admire the cohesive structure this getup has.

The use of bold, vibrant colours; alongside subverted staples of military & formal wear, you feel a strong puckish charm that maintains an allure of prestige.

Undoubtedly the first thing you noticed was the large feather boa, which completely dominates his presence. It’s truly fantastic, owed in large part due to the appealing gradient of colours and the thickness of the material. While feather boa’s have largely been neglected as a cheap party costume accessory today, I feel Narek’s particular design should serve as the blueprint for a resurgence.

Depending on your perspective, the boa itself seems to transition through various shades of magenta, orange and a pale yellow. From what I can tell the darker contrasting streaks spread throughout the piece are actually a feature, rather than simply being the effect of shadows. The craftsmanship required to achieve such a standard while still retaining the boas feathery origins, only serves to compliment Narek’s noble stature. As a key note, I just want to say how befitting the loose and disheveled feathers are to Narek’s personality, and subsequently why I think it’s a genius fashion choice.


By now you’ve likely noticed that there is also a scarf-like wrap underneath the boa, tied together with a clip embroidered with a royal sigil. It may be understated by comparison, however it deserves respect for how the deep purple manages to provide a strong yet pleasant contrast to the phoenix-like tones overlaying it. You could say that while the boa represents his immense wealth, the wrap in turn underpins the noble origins it is derived from.

Following on from this, we can now talk about the the long white shirt that serves as the foundation for the top half of the outfit. It has a baggy appearance, that is played off coolly by rolling up the selves and unbuttoning the lower side, which exposes the abdomen and gives the fabric a wider hang. With the addition of an extremely tall collar, it’s the very portrait of “carefree”. A nice fit for someone who couldn’t possible imagine a scenario in which he wasn’t worshiped and admired.

Somewhat surprisingly, he doesn’t wear a large amount of jewelry, instead opting for plain gold rings on one hand, bangles on the opposite arm, and lastly a pair of slim pointed earrings. I can’t say much about it. It’s all fairly non-committal and insignificant to the overall ‘look’, but this uncaring approach again reinforces the theme and personality brought out through the other design choices.


Surprisingly enough the bottom half of the outfit is much more subdued given the complex layering preceding it. It consists of only 4 parts; a standard brown belt, black trousers, steel thigh guards and brown knee-length riding boots.

While rather unsuspecting attire for a (vaguely) medieval fantasy setting, I believe that the simple and refined order to these clothing items gives us a second insight into his identity. Beside his brash over-confidence we see glimpses of a military man, donning practical outwear suited more for sudden combat instead of the catwalk as you might have come to expect. Whether intentional or not, through just four articles of clothing, we now understand that Narek’s world of luxury isn’t so far detached from his responsibilities as a prince and future king.

The aesthetic duality of this outfit does justice to his character, and if I had to give any reason why he has been the focus of this fashion feature, that would be the most fitting explanation.

And to finish off the post, I simply can’t overlook episode six’s fashion contest between prince Narek & Mare, which showcased a bunch of amazing costumes that honestly deserve features of their own.


Thanks for reading!

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