Oh Baby, All I Want For Christmas Is…

Day 11 of ’12 Days of Anime’ – [See other posts in this series]

It is the eve before Christmas and all is calm. Parents nestle presents under the tree while children patiently await the arrival of Santa and his reindeer.

And then, in a far of corner of the internet, there is a bunch of bloggers on their second to last posts for the 12 Days of Anime. We’ve come a long way folks, and while not everyone has made it this far, we’ve all done our best. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading all your posts, and I’m glad you contributed to this occasion, even if that meant leaving a small and humble comment.

Tomorrow I’ll be rounding off this period of hyperactivity with a year in review, which will cover everything I’ve been up to in 2017 on and off the blog, as well as lay out some goals heading into the new year. It’s already a mammoth read, and since it will be released on Christmas Day there is no pressure to read it, but given the nature of a retrospective, that makes this post the last free topic in the series. Almost brings a tear to your eye…

So I thought what I’d do is create my own Christmas wishlist. I’ve only gotten lumps of coal off Santa these past few years, but maybe thanks to meeting all of you he might just make my dreams come true this time around.

Dear Santa,

I want…

Another Haruhi Suzumiya Anime

It’s been so long since we had any new additions to the franchise. While the original anime adaptation had multiple airings from ’06-’09, as well as a film in 2010, there has been nothing but silence ever since.

Look, I realise the series is dated. I’m well aware that the cultural sway it once held has rapidly diminished. But you can’t let it end like this. There is still so much material in the light novels and manga that you could play around with. Hell, most people don’t even know about characters like Yasumi yet. How can we continue to produce anime, while overlooking the great injustices that have been inflicted on such brilliant source materials like the Haruhi franchise.

I’m willing to wait. Trust me. Just give me a sign. Let me know that it’s still possible. I don’t believe I can properly move on otherwise.

Competent Streaming Services & Licensers

Anime Strike still has a double paywall. The failure to do basic spellchecking when marketing Land of the Lustrous could be overlooked if not for their abysmal lack of social presence. I don’t ask for much, at least no more than what everyone else is asking for, just an Anime Strike that we can proud of. I hate how AS acquiring the rights to the most anticipated seasonal anime has become something to fear, and I hope that this stops being the case next year.

I want Netflix to learn the nuanced behaviors of the anime community. We do not follow the same market trends as the rest of your viewers. When you prevent us from watching anime as it airs, either because of region locking or binge culture, it kills the discussion and the enthusiasm for those shows. Little Witch Academia suffered dearly because of this. Many who wanted to be in on the conversation turned to piracy, while those who waited found that their commitment to the show dwindled after the long wait.

Certainly not all of us jump on the seasonal viewing train, but you need to understand how important that is for the still niche spaces we occupy. I would not at all be surprised to find that the producers of Little Witch Academia saw diminished returns because you thought that we want to wait an extra 6+ months to watch a show all in one go. In reality. it sucked, and you can do better.

Funimation. I love you. When you merged your catalog with Crunchyroll in order to focus full time on dubbing, I couldn’t have been happier. It satisfied those who hated having to pay for dual subscriptions every season, and created a better system for those who prefer English voice actors when they watch anime. However, you took some creative liberties this year, and they mostly backfired. Cultural sensitivity is still an important factor in translation, and you can’t downplay how upsetting it can be when you demolish queer subtext in the process. Try not to make such obvious mistakes this time, and if you do, at least apologize properly for it.

Crunchyroll, you’re doing wonders at the minute, just try not to let it slip. You may have the largest slice of the pie, but your video player still sucks, your regional licensing sucks, and your lagged releases suck. Lets not forget to mention the whole security breach that happened only a few months ago, and how that exposed thousands of paying users to viruses. With great power comes great responsibility. Use it wisely.

HiDive, who are you again?

Stop Companies Appeasing Nazi’s

LOOKING AT YOU MYANIMELIST. If you’re afraid to take a hard line stance against Nazi’s, you probably implicit in supporting Nazi’s. I stopped depending on MAL when all the drama went down, and I’ve never gone back. I’m certainly not the only who committed to the mass exodus either. Consumers are becoming more ethically conscious now that the extent of our political division has been laid bare, and while I can’t tell you how to operate, if it’s a choice between a diverse social and political group vs. agitators with viewpoints steeped in white supremacy, I know which one I would side with.

A Season Of Anime That Is Just Perfect

This fall season has been one of the best and most active for anime viewing I’ve been involved with as far back as I can remember. It still had its up and downs though, and the fact that I only followed seven anime through to the end, with only three non-sequels counted, makes it feel like that this record can be topped.

I want more romance shows with adult themes. I want action shows that have older casts and more episodes. I want inclusive comedies and truly memorable dramas. Above all, I want it in one great big package. Give me the ‘perfect‘ season of anime.

An Endless Stream Of Money

What? Are you judging me? Seriously? Money can be happiness, you got that!?!

Gives Us More You-Chan

Love Live! Sunshine!! may be drawing towards its final episode, but that doesn’t mean it has to be the end for You Watanbe. I don’t mind if it’s an OVA, a standalone film or a spin-off series, you can still redeem yourselves for pushing her out of the spotlight during season two. Please, just think about it, okay?

If I can only have one thing this Christmas, then all I want is You


Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Oh Baby, All I Want For Christmas Is…

  1. I agree with a lot of your wants! Especially around the streaming services. Crunchyroll needs to add offline viewing asap. I’m actually pretty impressed with HIDIVE’s catalogue. The things I can’t get from CR I’ve found on there. They seem to share some of Amazon’s catalogue. I still have Prime as, in the UK, we don’t have that double paywall yet, but if it ever arrives I won’t be getting it.

    I think I’ve missed something that went on at MAL. I’ve seen enough casual mention to get me wondering if I should go back to anime planet. The main reason I was on MAL was for the app support but I feel like I need to update AP and think about making that switch.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If you didn’t catch the drama when it happened, AniFem wrote an article about it.


      There was also twitter threads going on at the time but I’d struggle to find them now.

      I decided to stop using the site after that, and moved to Anime Planet, but I didn’t really like the UI. Now I don’t use lists at all, which in truth means I forget about some of the anime I’ve seen over the past year. I need to find a good middle ground really.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks! I decided to move away from MAL.

        I quite like AP, the UI hasn’t changed but some features have improved since I last used it.

        You could go old fashioned with an excel or google spreadsheet!

        Liked by 1 person

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