A Generic Anime Quiz

Day 7 of ’12 Days of Anime’ – [See other posts in this series]

What better way to celebrate making it over the midway ‘hump’ than by sending the content of this blog rapidly downhill.

That’s right folks, we’re doing an anime quiz. Link below.

Click, click, click!

P.S. I tried embedding it into the article but that doesn’t seem to want to work, so you’re going to have to settle with a direct link. Sorry about that. Oh, and be sure to check back once you’ve got your score!

What your score makes you!

<5: Ash Ketchum


You probably stumbled upon this blog by accident, saw a flashy looking button, and decided to click it. That’s okay. It means you’re one of the normal ones. Live a full and happy life. The rest of us have lost that privilege, but there is still hope for you yet.

6-10: Monkey D. Luffy


I mean you tried, so that has to count for something. But you probably still would’ve scored better just by smashing the keyboard or through consulting a crystal ball. You scored too low to earn my respect, but scored too high to respect yourself.

11-15: Akarin


Wow. Middle of the road. You’re that generic side character in every high school anime. The main character loves you because you never have strong opinions, and you only seem to have a social life exclusively around them. One day you might get to be the protagonist, but lets not get our hopes up.

16-20: Oreki Houtarou


You’re smart, but if you exerted yourself a little more you’d climb higher to the top. Oh, and if you were expecting me to fill the role of that quirky anime girl that gives you the drive and motivation you need to succeed then…ha!

Good one.

21-25: Yuuri Katsuki


It’s almost like you’re trying to impress someone. Well good job because your magic has worked on me. If we were in a show together, then I’d almost certainly create quality anime discourse with you.

26-30: Haruhi Suzumiya


Reality bends itself to your will. For most people this quiz will be the hardest challenge they face in the entirety of their lives, yet you’ve breezed through it like a pro. That can only mean one thing- You’re special, and the world is at your command. Go get ’em champ!

Be sure to share your results in the comment section and over twitter. Let me know that this was all worth it. Please.

Thanks for playing!

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