Remembering What The Sun Looks Like

I do enjoy not making it explicitly obvious what my posts will be about by making my titles only vaguely relevant. It’s an update post, because no blog would be complete without an overabundance of watered-down content that’s quickly outdated. Just like your favourite anime.

*finger snap*

I don’t really have a great measure to say when I left the community since posts here have always been off the cuff, but if Twitter is anything to go by, I disappeared almost four months ago. Longer than I thought. I don’t really feel the need to go into the details though. Life goes on, and I’m still not even sure whether this is me coming back or not. I mean, I do have plans, just not super hectic ones.

Read the title again.

I will have been on non-stop night shifts at the casino for about 4 months by the end of this next fortnight. I will also be leaving the industry at the same time. In total I have given this career path 6 months of extremely taxing work, enough to say that I don’t see myself continuing on with it any longer. I have more reasons for leaving than I can feasibly list or even recall in a single sitting, so know that this isn’t a choice I make lightly, it just doesn’t suit me. I’ll leave a little pros vs cons table below for those who might be curious about doing the job themselves. Perhaps it will help you or others in deciding if they want to commit to it or not.


life as a croupierUltimately I think working as a Croupier was worthwhile. I’ve learnt to work better with people whom I share nothing in common with, I adapt more comfortably to strangers quirks and I’m generally just more outgoing than before. Most people I meet nowadays seem fairly tame compared to the folks I met while standing behind the game tables. At any rate I don’t regret trying to make it work and that gives me enough peace of mind.

Above all, I will enjoy seeing the sun again.

In other news; I plan to attend my very first anime convention before the year closes! This is mostly a spur of the moment decision by yours truly. Everything even remotely anime related in the western hemisphere seems to be contained to the US, so when I saw an anime convention that I hadn’t already missed it activated a carnal desire in my bank account. So it is that ‘All Hail Haruhi’ set sail for Hibanacon 2017. I’ll be booked in the hotel for all three days of the con, but I might spend a fair amount of that time exploring the rest of Milton Keynes depending on how many of the attractions I decide to go along to. If I see you there then all the better, just be aware that I am slightly crazy, and you should expect me to behave completely different face-to-face than from the Haruhi you might know online.

Yeah that’s all.

See you later alligator

13 thoughts on “Remembering What The Sun Looks Like

  1. I’m glad to see that the croupier job was worthwhile. I might have mentioned it before but I can’t imagine myself making such a big change in my life, so it’s really nice see that you came out of the with no regrets.
    Welcome back Haruhi and it’s good to see you around here again!

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    1. Carriage!

      Or is it ‘Carriage-Senpai’ now? And ‘A Haruhi Return’?

      You’ve changed since we last talked. Got a whole new ~ aesthetic ~ and even more twitter followers than me! Would love to interview you for a local e-celeb magazine. It truly is an honor to have such a famous community figure comment on my blog.

      I’ve missed ya’ Carriage 😀

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      1. Aw shucks. You’ve got me feeling all embarrassed now. As much as things might change you’ll forever be senpai in my eyes!

        And i’ll have to check with my secretary but maybe I can schedule you in for sometime next week. Anything for an old friend 😉

        I’ve missed you a ton too, Haruhi. Glad to see you’re back 🙂

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  2. I’ve been wondering about what you were up to. That sounds like downright miserable work.

    I guess that’s the end of one arc in your life and the beginning of another one. Hope you have fun at Hibanacon!

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    1. Uh oh, the second cour always has more action, drama and plot twists. Should I be worried?

      I hope your life has already reached the spin-off series, where the main story has had its happy ending and now all that’s left is fun slice of life antics. If not though, remember that you still have an internet stranger wishing you the best from the other side of the world!

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      1. Nah, I think the series ends on a good note.

        I’m actually in the middle of season 2 where I’m unemployed. It’s a fun mini-arc that has the protagonist doubting his self-worth.
        Haha, you’re keeping it real as always. Thank you kindly. This internet stranger is hoping things go well for you, too!

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        1. Pfft, your worth is more than just your employment status, don’t you go doubting that! Although I suppose you wouldn’t be Remy without the Fool 😉 I’m sure things will come back around eventually, if Karma exists, the Yuri industry owes you that much.

          Keeping it real is my specialty. Imbuing the magical healing properties of ~/*~ Boundless Positivity ~*\~ !

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  3. Ahh Haruhi it’s so good to hear from you again dear XD sorry to hear you have not seen the sun for ages. You have to do what you feel is best for you and that your happy. I hope you do a write up of your first anime con experience totally would read that !!! It’s great again to see you alive !!!

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    1. Being a Vampire was fun while it lasted. Can’t say I’ll miss it though. I need my sunlight vitamins. Need my Haruhi/Lita conversations too! A write up will almost certainly happen, especially since I think this is the first(?) Hibanacon ever. Hopefully I do more than just hide in the corner haha…

      Hope all is well in the world of Lita Kino!

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  4. I spent ten years in the Navy, and made four three month long deployments on a SSBN. I treasure sunlight… On the other hand, as a photographer I often curse it – too much glare and the shadows and highlights are always in the worst places. But if you’re patient and lucky, everything will align and produce wonder.

    Random thoughts having nothing to do with the subject at hand though…. 🙂

    Many of my blogger friends are going through huge changes in their life, I wish you luck with yours.

    And I hope you enjoy Hibanacon! It’s so much fun to hang out with fellow otaku and shut out the outside world for a while.

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    1. I’ve always felt that you must have lived an extremely fascinating life so far. I only have the opportunity to catch little snippets here and there but I find anyone with an outlook ranging across military service, poetry, photography and Japanese culture is bound to be an interesting person.

      I may or may not know some of those ‘blogger friends’, but if I don’t, I still hope the best for them! Spread the well wishes!

      Think a little bubble of like-minded people is just what the doctor ordered for me. I’ve spent too much time around “outside world” folks this year! Bring on the Otaku!

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