Thank you, Reader-Sensei!

The results are in!

I’m deleting the previous two posts that linked to the poll/tournament because they clutter up the blog, so here’s a brief explanation of what went down for those joining in later.

I held a tournament style contest to decide which anime I would watch next. I put forward a shortlist of 36 anime that were then voted down to a final six. In exchange for helping me decide, I promised I would use the time I spend watching these shows to create content for the blog. A few of the shows are on the lengthy side of things, so there is no strict deadline, however I will make something in the future.

Given that my new job also starts this week, I’ll get to discover just how much free time I get. Strictly speaking, I can’t deal on the tables (Croupier) because my functioning license is still being vetted, but I can be training and stuck behind reception or the bar. This will effect how tired I am at the end of any given day, which will obviously then have a knock on effect on how much anime I can watch and write about.

I’m not too worried though. Part of the reason content has been lacking the past two months is because the training I did to become a Croupier required me to spend something close to 2 1/2 hours on public transport each day, whereas with this new job it’s like a 25 minute walk one-way and free taxi’s back. We’ll see.

To get back on topic, I want to thank you all again for voting. The results have been a genuine shock to me, because none of my predictions came true. You collectively managed to pick a wide range of different series and plenty of votes went to shows I didn’t even expect to get any. I should put more faith in your excellent taste in Japanese cartoons.

Here are the final results!

Bracket A

This was a close call between Soul Eater and Utena. Monte Cristo actually had the lead early on but failed to get more votes as the poll moved on. I’m shocked that Soul Eater won here, because while it is highly rated and popular on ani list websites, I never actually see anyone talk about it. It never gets recommended, never gets analyzed and never gets rewatches. You could say that is because it’s getting old now, but shows like Haruhi, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and Bakemonogatari all came around the same time as Soul Eater.

Guess it just got buried?

I did expect Utena to win here though. It’s been getting a lot of buzz lately. Most likely because of it’s apparent focus on Philosophical and LGBT subjects. It was close, but Soul Eater takes it. Might be for the best. I wonder if there would be anything new I could say about a show like Utena.


Bracket B

This was just about the closest bracket in the whole tournament. It was particularly a surprise because when I last checked it, Romeo’s Blue Skies was lagging quite far behind the other two. Romeo’s is part of the WMT collection and outside of most anime fans radars, so the fact that it came so close to winning is a happy subversion of my expectations. Whether that is due to people voting at random or genuinely caring about it is not clear, but also not that relevant either.

Wake Up, Girls! would’ve been another nice one to see. Apparently it’s significantly different from past Idol anime I’ve seen such as Idolmaster and Love Live! I didn’t expect it to make it past the first round, so given that it almost won is nice.

The winner is NieA Under 7 though. I’m extremely happy about that. It’s a show I’ve been putting off for years but never had the motivation to just go with it. This event is probably the best way to take the plunge. It’s by the same guy who made Serial Experiments Lane & Haibane Renmei as well, which you probably could’ve recognized if you’ve seen the promotional art for the show. I think it’s a toss up between NieA and The Great Passage for my first watch.


Bracket C

Speaking of The Great Passage, it wins! Apparently it’s actually Fune Wo Amu? Oops.

Clear landslide here. I expected Captain Tylor to come last so no surprises there. Psycho-Pass didn’t do anywhere near as well as it did in the last round. The two leaders were in different brackets though. Guess PP2 just served to eliminate the rabble. I also notice I have a typo with movie…


Bracket D

Probably the most interesting result. Sailor Moon painfully struggled it’s way through the first round. It just barely scrapped by the win in the last few hours. Now it comes to the finals and it dominates. I’m not too shocked that a series as widely known and respected as Sailor Moon takes the win, but in a category with other highly voted for shows as Ergo Proxy & Natsume, I didn’t expect such a massive landslide.

Here’s my aniconfession: It might be obvious since the show was even in the tournament, but yeah, never seen Sailor Moon from start to finish. Seen the odd episode. Seen the gifs and memes. Never the whole thing. I feel like my life is about to begin for the first time now.

Bracket E

Haikyuu!! got the most votes of any show in the first round. It was in the same bracket as D.Grey Man and utterly sweeped it. Mushishi was in the bracket that got even votes across the board. If I hadn’t picked it, I wouldn’t have even made it through to this stage.

It won. It wasn’t even close. Explain this to me.

D.Grey Man was always going to have a far shot at winning, but it seems the Haikyuu!! fans just up and vanished. I’m disappointed in your disappearing act and I’m sure the five who stuck around are too.

Another confession: I’ve actually seen the first twelve episodes of Mushishi. I think what I’ll do is watch the rest of the first season, maybe take some notes if it’s relevant, then watch the second season and talk about that. I do remember the episodes I’ve already seen, so it might be the case that I talk about both seasons. Just letting you all know in advance.

Bracket F

Here’s the final pick. The second closest bracket as well. I don’t have too much to say about this one, other than that they were all released between 2002-2008. I had a similar level of enthusiasm between all of them, so I’m not bummed out or taken aback by the winner. I do have a bit of a mecha itch that needs scratching though. Something for the future perhaps?

And with the results shared, the real work can now begin. I think I’ll flip a coin to decide between NieA and The Great Passage. Whatever I don’t do first is bound to get watched later on anyway.

Thanks for the support everyone. I hope that by writing on these six anime I can repay you for the kindness you’ve shown, not just during the voting stage but also in these past few months.


3 thoughts on “Thank you, Reader-Sensei!

  1. Really glad Soul Eater got in there. It is one of my all time favourite shows (though needs a total reboot to fix the ending because that’s pretty badly handled). Looking forward to future updates on what you are watching.

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