I’m still alive and I cannot apologize, no

This is an update post so you know where I’m at. Last week was fairly busy for me, so with the time I did have free, I chose to wind down instead of write. Although really when I say ‘write’, I mean all the research, sourcing of assets and brainstorming that comes before the main course. The next few weeks are fairly organized for me now, so barring any unforeseen events I’ll have more time to get stuff done.

Regardless of reasoning, this has left a sizable gap since my last post. In truth I don’t know what my real schedule is with the blog. I remember a New Years resolutions was to post once a month, which I have exceed so far, but really that was never a hard target to reach. I don’t want posting to become a mandated activity, but at the same time I don’t want to build up an audience and then keep them waiting for weeks or months on end. I’m still trying to figure that one out.

Irrespective of all that, the primary reason I’m writing today is to announce that I have made my first pitch to write on another site! Coincidentally this was another one of my New Year resolutions, so if I can make something happen here, I’ll already be setting the bar high for the next 11 months. I won’t reveal the pitch ideas or the website I applied to until it’s confirmed or rejected, just know that I’m excited. There is more ideas than articles to be commissioned, so expect stuff to trickle down onto the AHH blog once the dust has settled.

If you know any independent blogger or organization that accepts guest posts (doesn’t have to be paid) and you think I would be a good fit, please let me know! I’m looking to take as many chances to get involved as are available to me. If you’re never worked together with someone before then maybe consider my request as an opportunity to get started!

Moving on, I also have some thoughts on the blog award posts that get shared around fairly often these days. From today I won’t be making any full response to blog award nominations. This isn’t because I don’t enjoy the back & forth but because I find it hard to justify making an entire article to address the questions, when I could otherwise just write in the comment section. I realize putting a spotlight on other bloggers is a factor, but generally speaking, I don’t have the clout to highlight someone who is already equal to or much bigger than me. Making these changes will have the added bonus of keeping my content uniform, instead of having “Analysising subpatricial theory in japanese cartoons through the lens of pragmatic isolation design” – right alongside – “I got a blog award – THANK YOU!!!”.

Makes sense right?

That’s about all I wanted to get covered today. Short but sweet. Hopefully the 1000+ words posts you’ve come to expect will show up elsewhere, if all goes to plan…

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “I’m still alive and I cannot apologize, no

  1. My resolution was also to post once a month, but I decided I wanted to try and make more regular content habitual – hence my episode reviews. Manga reviews will hopefully provide another monthly more “low key” feature.

    But I also want more in-depth content for mine and finding the time for the research behind such articles can be quite a challenge, especially on top of work; yours are a pleasure to read.

    Wishing you all the best with your pitches and I’m looking forward to your future articles!

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