Day 11: The All Hail Haruhi Awards

Inspired by arbitrary award shows around the world and my slow, eventual, loss of all bodily functions due to cold, I present to you…


That’s right everyone, the moment none of you have been waiting for, where I get to give out a bunch of awards that have no material value. With a prestigious history dating as far back as [2016], the All Hail Haruhi awards are not to be missed. Today you’ll be joining me as I present the nominees and eventual winners for the following categories:

  • Best OP of the year
  • Best ED of the year
  • Best New Character
  • Best New Show
  • Best OST
  • How Did This Get The Greenlight?
  • Best Commentary
  • Best Creature Companion
  • Best Art Style
  • Biggest Disappointment
  • Most Anticipated
  • Special Mentions

It should go without saying that my opinions are my own, no one else has decided the results for me. This also means that you will undoubtedly disagree with some of my picks. For preliminary clarification; ‘premature’ refers to the fact that I haven’t yet finished all of things I want to see from 2016, hence why Yuri on Ice will not feature anywhere on here. This also applies to movies, since they don’t tend to get a public release until long after their theater runs. That might seem like a big deal but don’t hate me for it, nobody else is holding themselves to such high standards for their awards. Lastly winners will be picked in their respective categories but the justification will be left towards the bottom, that way I don’t have to make everything highlight only to avoid spoilers.

With that in mind I want you to know that everything is going to be okay, take deep breaths, resist typing angrily on the keyboard, none of this matters. I’ll give you a second…

You good? Without further ado~


Anime, perhaps more than any other medium, is well know for it’s visually stunning and musically addictive opening credits. While many laud them for their ‘complexly layered symbolism’, the winner in this award show will mostly be attributed to audio-visual appeal.

The nominees for best OP are as follows:

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu (Winter)“Usurahi shinjuu”

Oozing the same period drama style that Shouwa-Rakugo delivers in abundance helps elevate this OP above the competition. The cinematic filters mixed with that sweet, sweet, whispering-singing makes it an easy pick.

Kiznaiver (Spring)“Lay Your Hands On Me”

A-Ha is a Norwegian band formed in For real though, it does sound like “Take On Me”. Maybe that 80s nostalgia is the only thing making this OP great for me but regardless I love it.

Berserk 2016 (Summer)“Inferno”

AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH~ The Japanese Rock scene is keeping the world spinning with those vocals. If you feel the same way as me, then you should definitely check out The Pinballs who had a song feature in last years Ninja Slayer.

Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari (Fall)“S.O.S”

I will never, never, never, NEVER let you go~ It gives those nice warm fuzzy vibes while also doubling as a song you can play to the captive in your basement.

Now it’s time to announce the winner…

*obligatory drum roll*

|Berserk – Inferno                         | (Highlight to see text)


While EDs don’t seem to carry the same gravitas in the anime community, they are still capable of matching the standards of many OPs. Again, this category is largely about audio-visual effect and the picks are entirely of my own choosing. Full disclaimer though, a catchy tune beats out flashy visuals for me.

The nominees for best ED are as follows:

Re;Zero (Spring) – “STYX HELIX”

I’m honestly not a music tech so I can’t tell you exactly what they did to make the sounds that they did with this ED. Though without that knowledge I can’t really point to anything else. It sounds good, okay? Deal with it.

Kuma Miko (Spring) – “KUMAMIKO DANCING”

It’s so freakin’ cute. I never knew how much I wanted a shrine maiden/shrine bear duet until Kuma Miko came along. Let’s just safely ignore the fact that the show itself was incredibly creepy…

ReLife (Summer) – “Hot Limit”

It sounds like it was made for a cheesy retro action show, so what’s not to love? It actually makes the visuals reasonably well. The whole ‘staring into the distance while smoking’ is perfectly cliche.

To Be Hero (Fall) – “Watashi no papa ga chikyuu wo mamoru ~My father protects the Earth~”

This is a tune I could imagine myself humming to. It helps that the girl is playing her own base defense game, brings back memories.

Now it’s time to announce the winner…

*obligatory drum roll*

|KUMAMIKO DANCING                                                             | (Highlight to see text)


The definition of new for this category will be a character that made their on screen debut this year. That means the nominees will be unaffected by their presence in any pre-existing source material. There are no strict standards, so a character can be nominated because they accomplished a goal that was important to them or it could be because they went through an event that was challenging for them and came out for the better.

The nominees for best character are as follows:

Kiznaiver (Spring) – Katsuhira Agata

Kacchon is a boy that has lived most of his life without pain and complex emotion. These are things we consider second nature and yet he has had to navigate the world without them. In spite of that he forms immeasurable bonds, rediscovers his past and shares tears with loved ones. Kacchon is a character that really comes a long way considering his starting point and that is worthy of recognition.

91 Days (Summer) – Angelo Lagusa

A boy shaped into a man by vengeance and hatred. His position is an entirely unique one, which gives his actions an air of unpredictability, even if his motives are out in the open for anyone with context. You certainly can’t call Angelo a good man but if his camaraderie with Nero is anything to go by, they was still a little human behind that wall of sorrow.

Mob Psycho 100 (Summer) – Shigeo Kageyama

Mob is aware that he is strong. He is aware he has the power to seriously hurt people, he saw it first hand. Yet he willingly chooses to emotionally repress himself. To him the idea of being a symbol of power is dangerous and unwanted. He could be cool, he could be admired, but only at the cost of hurting others. So he stays silent and he tries diligently to fit in through other means. In turn that makes him even stronger in a separate sense.

ReLife (Summer) – Arata Kaizaki

Arata is a principled guy that finds his worldview clashes with what’s best for his self-interest on many occasions. Yet in despite of it all, he stays true to himself, defiantly standing out at whatever cost. Rendered ‘NEET’ and without a direction in life, Arata still manages to positively shape himself and those around him.

Now it’s time to announce the winner…

*obligatory drum roll*

|Shigeo Kageyama           | (Highlight to see text)


Much like the category for characters, the nominees here do not need to be anime original, only that they made their debut during a season of this year. This means that long-runs and ‘part 2’ (that are really just continuations from the end of last year) will not be counted. In general execution is valued over originality, however this does not necessarily account to good or bad, rather that it was interesting or engaging to me.

The nominees for best show are as follows:

Re;Zero (Spring)

Inspiring the fervor of the entire anime community, Re;Zero quickly shot past “How to pick up girls in a dungeon” for the number one pop culture spot in the scene. With a story that deliberately took the tropes of the genre and flipped them on the main characters head it’s no surprise why the show felt like a breath of fresh air. While I myself don’t have high opinions of the character writing, I, like many others, can agree that no corners were cut in delivering tension and conflict in the universe of Re;Zero.

Mayoiga (Spring)

My feelings towards this show should be stranger to no one. I did write an article on it after all. With my low opinion in mind, I want to iterate that any show that can get me talking about it at such length deserves credit. Mayoiga might not be a good show from a purely technical standpoint, but the amount of conversation I had around it and the many blog posts it spawned, makes it better than any of its competitors.

Berserk 2016 (Summer)

Yep. I’m a Berserk apologist. Sort of. I actually hate the flagrant abuse of certain subject matter in the manga, which unfortunately gets adapted into anime, so I certainly have my reservations. However beyond that, I felt this latest continuation of the story to be a proud pioneer for CGI work in anime. The careful use of shading helped keep the CGI consistent from scene to scene and the masterful camerawork still amazes me today. There is a lot that went underappreciated with 2016s Berserk. I should dedicate a post to it. Eh, work.

Mob Psycho 100 (Summer)

An all-around hit that managed to tick boxes on many different levels. From great character dynamics and fluid animation, to comedy quips and insightful storytelling, I just don’t know where to focus my gushing. I can’t say this is a perfect show, or even a top place in any list, only that I manged to pull a lot out of my experience with this one.

Now it’s time to announce the winner…

*obligatory drum roll*

|Mob Psycho 100                                  | (Highlight to see text)


This is one of the more complex categories. I can’t speak for how music is made since I simply don’t have the technical expertise. On the other hand it’s also difficult to talk about how the soundtracks perform in show, since that would require an in-depth breakdown all on its own. I can however give a general look into what I like about a particular soundtrack and explore from there.

The nominees for best OST are as follows:

Boku no Hero Academia – OST (Spring)

What better way to make an action show than with a soundtrack full of bass, orchestral singing and rising violin solos. It’s cliche in all the best ways. I’m not saying that with this soundtrack you can take on the world BUT if you do happen to slay a few villains along the way you have these songs to thank.

Kiznaiver – OST (Spring)

For a series that drifts between no emotion to all the emotions, Kiznaiver has a fairly laid back soundtrack. You can chill out without much bother. In fact I’m listening to it again as I write for this article, so consider that an endorsement. Kiznaiver OST motivates people.

Berserk 2016 – OST (Summer)

Despite the ‘epic’ tag that is attached to most action soundtracks, Berserk might be one of the few shows that a song would be unable to match in scale and intensity. The OST puts in a brave effort, largely due to the strong vocal work of Susumu Hirasawa, who still hasn’t missed a beat. If it doesn’t succeed at matching the Berserk name, it still stands out on its own merits.

Mob Psycho 100 – OST (Summer)

This is about as psychedelic as the show itself. Combining the rooted Buddhist inspired sounds with modern electronic beats and a splash of guitar strings makes for an surprisingly enjoyable experience. No matter what place you’re in you can get a kick out of the Mob Psycho OST.

Now it’s time to announce the winner…

*obligatory drum roll*

|Kiznaiver                             | (Highlight to see text)


No really. How. Tell me. I don’t understand. Why does the world want this? Why does the world think this is okay? Am I the only sane person left?

The nominees for lack of executive oversight are as follows:

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (Spring)

Why did this need an anime? Let me get this straight. We have a popular video game series both in Japan and in the West. Alright sounds perfect, so what’s the story like? Oh, it’s all about the mystery solving, cross examination and stylistic presentation?


It’s no shock that this one flopped. When everything that makes the video game series great is highlighted in the mechanics and not in the storytelling, you can see why making that entire experience commercial and uninteractive would be a bad idea.

Terra Formers Revenge (Spring)

Lets get this on record. The original Terra Formers series was god awful. You had gratuitous gore mixed with racist undertones and the least understanding of emotional attachment I’ve ever seen in the medium. It had every right to end up at the bottom of the bargain bucket at your local offbrand supermarket. Spice & Wolf could’ve gotten a sequel, Haruhi could’ve gotten a sequel, Mars of Destruction could’ve gotten a sequel. Instead this trash got one. It even became a pseudo-harem. Anime was a mistake.

Endride (Spring)

Huh, a teenage boy travels between the real world to a fantasy middle-earth which is run around a glowing crystal in the sky. Doesn’t sound too bad, well, other than the fact that it’s based on a micro-transaction laden mobile game and somehow got two cours…wait what? Hmm, we can still give it a chance right?

Big mistake. Endride was ultimately a disappointment. Conceptually it had a bunch of really intuitive ideas, especially in the world buidling. The problem is that you can’t make a good anime with those elements alone; and definitely not when you’re deriving them from a product that was designed to make a quick buck.

D.Grey Man Hallow (Summer)

I like D.Grey Man. A sequel is not entirely unwelcome. What is perplexing though is how a 103 episode series gets a belated 13 episode sequel that not only ends almost as soon as it starts but manages to skip an arc in the manga as well. I am not mad, I’m just disappointed.

Fart Gorou (Summer)

Fart Gorou is the “Only in Japan” meme in a nutshell. From my understanding toilet humor isn’t rare in Japan but I’m not even sure this could be classified as that. Is this art? I suppose so, though the message is far too esoteric for a plebeian like me to understand.

Keijo!!!!!!!! (Fall)

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…


Except that it wasn’t a long time ago and it’s in our galaxy. I don’t understand. Who? What?? Where??? Why???? How????? Keijo!!! is a show that prompts more questions than in answers. I’m surely not the intended audience for this show but I can’t get over the fact that it got produced. This had executive board meetings. A director and talented supporting staff worked together to animate each an every scene. Believe or not but this show had dedicated writers. Everyone involved in this project went through with it no contest. They were so concerned about whether they could, that they never asked themselves if they should.

Now it’s time to announce the winner…

*obligatory drum roll*

|Keijo!!!!!!!! (Obviously)                          | (Highlight to see text)


This is a category for all the shows that became more than the sum of its parts. Whether the themes were reflective of hot button issues in contemporary society, or the characters reflected changes in ourselves, these shows did something truly special.

The nominees for best commentary are as follows:

Mob Psycho 100 (Summer) – Toxic Masculinity

Mob’s problems, paradoxically, are a result of his enforced emotional repression. It’s apparent in his failure to earn the adoration of his peers but also in how his problems as an esper are highlighted by the ‘countdown to explosion’. I feel if Mob had had a strong role model from an early age that encouraged his emotional capacity, he would have better control over his emotions. Instead the resistance to his own nature has developed a darker side to his esper form that he cannot effectively reign in yet is inherently dangerous. He sees the solution as to shutdown expression even further when the answer was always to embrace that side to himself.

The other student esper he fought practically embodied all the problems with Mobs line of thought. To him, showing empathy and care was trumped by validation through power which of course means when he was beaten, he didn’t know how else to react but with anger and denial because that other side of emotional expression was never developed in him. It’s only towards the end that we see positive change in these characters, as they begin to focus on understanding their emotions, while learning that they can lean on each other for support when they need it, beating out their previously short-sighted mindset.

ReLife (Summer) – The Sympathetic NEET

I’ll be the first to admit the premise is limit off putting. Giving an adult the chance to relive his years in high school surrounded by young girls and boys seems like a dull escapist fantasy with certain disturbing implications kept within the realm of possibility.

Fortunately having seen ReLife I can say it decided to go in a much better direction, instead providing one of the most thoughtful criticism on the traditional Japanese hierarchy structure and the nature of being a NEET in society. Through the story we question if these imbalanced working relationships are really what is best for people. Through the characters we learn that many are simply victims of circumstance. ReLife truly challenges our judgement of people in Japanese culture. Relife treats dysfunctional interpersonal relationships and the NEET lifestyle as a symptom of a society that emotionally represses expression. It paints a strangely dystopian picture that surprisingly doesn’t sit too far from the truth in certain circumstances. Where previous anime have placed blame on the NEET, saying their apathy is the source of all their problems, ReLife offsets that blame, claiming their apathy is a result of their voices going unheard.

Well ReLife gives that perspective, that voice, weight again. It might not pose any real solutions to the problem it addresses but I still admire it for being the nail that sticks out. It’s courage in dealing with the avoidable makes it well worth a place in the medium.

Re;Zero (Spring) – Hikikomori

Re;Zero has given me a roller coaster of mixed feelings. You know I like to be a bit more analytical than the average person so you can anticipate I would feel this way. The consensus opinion is that the anime was a commentary on the Hikikomori, by reframing Subaru in a world devoid of all predispositions about NEETs and Otaku it was supposed to show how problematic those behaviors were, even when looking at it outside of Japan or any concept of ‘west’ and ‘east’, while allowing Subaru to feel free as an ‘other’.

It manages to be critical of the main character without having any repressive prejudices against him simply for being a Hikikomori. While my angle on things tends to take a different turn from every other critic, I do appreciate the sincerity at play behind the character drama.

Now it’s time to announce the winner…

*obligatory drum roll*

|Mob Psycho 100                         | (Highlight to see text)


Behind each protagonist sits a companion. The kind of friend that will always cheer you on, doing all they can see their partner succeed. Sometimes that companion happens to have wings or a tail. The creature companion is one step up from the simple ‘supporting cast’, because if there is one undeniable fact about life, it’s that animals and spirits are objectively superior to humans.

The nominees for best creature companions are as follows:

Mayoiga (Spring) – Penguin-kun


Who doesn’t love penguins? I know I do. Especially when the penguin in question is a physical amalgamation of unresolved childhood trauma. You know I loved that one scene where everybody is screaming semi-philosophical babble at each other and our friendly marine compatriot just sits there flapping his lil’ wings. Penguin-kun doesn’t speak any words in Mayoiga, but his cultural influence will be felt for decades to come…maybe…

Kuma Miko (Spring) – Natsu 


Ah yes, the lovable bear that hangs around a small young girl at a shrine with a long, shrouded history of bear mating. Absolutely noting to see here though. It’s the creepy old men in Kuma Miko that are the problem, not pedobear Natsu. Does he have attachment issues? Sure. But that’s just because pedobear Natsu is worried for our main character, and wishes her the best in life.

Mob Psycho 100 (Summer) – Dimple


As the name implies, Dimple is a character with two distinct dimple marks on his face. Beyond that, he’s a spirit with a short temperament and a penchant for scheming. Few creature companions are smart, so while Dimple isn’t much of an exception, he does stand out given Mob’s complete obliviousness. Although he might not always have the best intentions, he wouldn’t mind seeing you smile.

Now it’s time to announce the winner…

*obligatory drum roll*

|Penguin-kun                                | (Highlight to see text)


Much like with the Best OST, there isn’t really a matter-of-fact way to speak about the art direction in this years anime. With that in mind, picks can be made for those shows that went for a unique colour palette, abstract patterns or technical detail. Artists like Yuasa have proven that animation can bring even the most rough and eclectic art styles to life, so anything goes.

The nominees for best art style are as follows:

Prince of Stride (Winter)


Prince of Stride was a kinda-parcour sports show that flew under the radar for most people, perhaps with good reason. Despite harsh reviews, Prince of Stride does have this gorgeous art styles that blends sharp line art with western pop art influences to create a distinct and vibrant image.

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash (Winter)


Grimgar has this wonderful ability to bounce between a delicately pale watercolour style in  one scene to an explosion of soft warm colours in the next. There is a clear craft to be seen in the stills for this show.


Flip Flappers (Fall)


Flip Flappers isn’t always this colorful but it is always this visually appealing. Perhaps surprisingly all it takes for this to work is to contrast the cute and quirky character designs with ever changing backgrounds, then you can watch the sparks fly.

Now it’s time to announce the winner…

*obligatory drum roll*

|Flip Flappers                                          | (Highlight to see text)


Self-explanatory honestly. These are titles that started off so well but could’ve been so much more or just failed to finish the race from a position of strength. While being nominated does not necessarily mean the show in question is bad, it is reflective of my own misgivings towards it.

The nominees for biggest disappointment are as follows:

Erased (Winter)

Probably the most controversial pick. I was one of those “Erased was never good to begin with” people. It had potential though, time travel might not be new but solving a murder mystery retroactively is a fairly fresh twist. The problem is that there was only ever one suspect, which not only makes it ‘not a mystery’ but also not a thriller, because the tension only felt comical when you see the obvious killer pulling sinister smiles and standing around in the shadows. Even then it manages to mess up the final act, as our brave hero concocts the most convoluted and extravagant plan to get the villain arrested.

Re;Zero (Spring)

I don’t hate Re;Zero, but the character writing for everyone who wasn’t Subaru was sub-par. Rem was clearly driven down the path of waifuisation and became bland and one dimensional. Emilia kept bouncing between smart and independent to completely helpless with no logical way for me to follow along with it. Of course that is only a snippet of my feelings. It was thematically strong, which is the only reason I kept watching, but I don’t hold Re;Zero highly like many others.

Cheer Danshi (Summer)

I loved the premise of Cheer Danshi. Even the first few episodes managed to fulfill the expectations of the marketing. Cheer Danshi promised a cheerleading show that defies gendered stereotypes…and that’s what we got…but nothing more. With each new episode coming in it was clear that the show didn’t have much else to say, descending into the mediocrity of sports shows without a clear direction to pull them forward.

Kuma Miko (Spring)

I was so excited for this show to come out. The art style and comedy approach was, at a distance, reminiscent of Engaged to the Unidentified, a show that I loved. The fact that it had a talking bear and a rural setting to explore meant that it was a hard concept to mess up. Yet I was proven wrong. This anime turned the creepy pedophilic undertones up to eleven, constantly putting the lead character ‘Machi’ (who is only 14) into sexually charged scenarios that were more voyeuristic than coming of age comedy. Needless to say this one is a creepy watch.

Now it’s time to announce the winner…

*obligatory drum roll*

|Kuma Miko (Obviously)                                          | (Highlight to see text)


So with 2016 soon behind us, we can now start looking forward to the offerings 2017 has in store for us. A lot of seasonal titles don’t get announcement until it’s almost time for their debut, so this section is both premature and quickly outdated, but there have still been quite a few major announcements so far.

The nominees for most anticipated are as follows:

Little Witch Academia (TV)

A full animated series based on Triggers two popular and critically acclaimed shorts. It seems hypocritical of me to want this so badly when I haven’t got around to watching the latest film but I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that the concept of Little Witch is likely much better suited to a continuous show format. I love Triggers boundless imagination, so this is a perfectly timed coming into next year.


I’ll admit, I have very shallow reasons for wanting this. Come on, the main character is an avid twitter user. That is immediately relatable to 90% of the aniblogging community and 100% relevant to the anitwitter side of things. The whole cliche “I didn’t mean to look at your panties”/fall over thing isn’t exactly appealing but I can overlook it, because well, he’s a twitter user damn it!

Boruto (TV)

I’ve only watched a couple hundered episodes of the main Naruto franchise and all but one film, so you guess I could say that this is slightly interesting to me. I actually like the standalone movie for Boruto but then again, I didn’t love any of the Naruto films, so what’s new? If I can hope for one thing from Boruto, it’s that they bump the animation quality up, I want high speed ninja action, thanks.

One-Punch Man (Season 2)

I’m not a die hard fan but I do want to see more. The original show felt so short for the cult following that the series has. A second season means more for our lovable hero Saitama and his straight faced nonchalant comedy. I don’t read the webcomic or manga, so perhaps this season I’ll get to see Mumen Rider become the S-class hero he deserves to be.

Now it’s time to announce the winner…

*obligatory drum roll*

|Little Witch Academia                                          | (Highlight to see text)


There is no winner for this category, I simply want to run down a list of anime that didn’t get represented during the course of this award show in a way that I feel is justified. Again, there is no remarks on overall quality as arbitrarily dictated by myself, only short insights with respect to the material.

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu (Winter) – For being itself

Rakugo is an anime series that plays out like a book in all the best ways. It has the clearest structure of any anime handling mature subject matter that I know of, not even promoting the fact that it’s so distinct from common fallbacks in anime production. There are people far more qualified than me to tell you how great this show is, so if I can say anything, it’s that Rakugo was a gift none of us deserved but appreciate all the same.

KonoSuba (Winter) – For parodying the familiar

I don’t idolize this show, but I could’ve easily ended up hating the show with the ways you can describe it, yet it wasn’t all that bad. ‘Meta’ is a word that gets bandied around quite frequently, often just meaning that it contains inter-textual and self referential material, but that is exactly what KonoSuba is. Maybe that makes it the Gintama of “stuck in a fantasy world” anime but if that’s the case, I really don’t mind, KonoSuba was a’right.

Space Patrol Luluco (Spring) – For beating Kiznaiver

Realistically, releasing two shows in one season should cannibalize the audiences you’re appealing to. At least when it comes to the casual market. In this case, it wouldn’t surprise me if they all said Space Patrol Luluco was better. I didn’t have high hopes for this since all the promotional material was hot garbage, yet Space Patrol managed to be a fun referential short that knew exactly what it wanted to do. With good execution and without overstaying its welcome, it ended up being even better than the fully fledged Kiznaiver. Go Trigger…?

Honobono Log (Spring) – For being cute as hell

There really isn’t much to say about Honobono that couldn’t be understood by watching it. It’s a series of shorts detailing the cute and even painful interactions between couples. It reflects reality in an honest and open way while staying endearing to a large audience, making both the concept and execution work wonders.

Moving Colors (Spring) – For celebrating art

Moving Colors doesn’t have much meaning as far as I can tell. Instead it demonstrates the work of various artists, transitioning between a variety of different colours, patterns and styles. I didn’t like everything Moving Colors presents but I think that’s kind of the point. Art comes in various forms and this short seeks to celebrate that. I believe it succeeds.

So that’s all the categories I promised at the start of the article. I did however promise that I would justify my choices, so I’ll give each of them a brief note to explain the rationale underneath. I hope that the descriptions for each nominee did enough to explain why any of the picks could’ve won, so this part will be more about why one was better than the other. I won’t be talking about music related stuff since there is no real way I can communicate that further.

Here goes:



Best New Character – Shigeo Kageyama

I allude to it in the commentary section but I feel that the experiences Mob has and how they shape him make him so much more interesting than any other character that came out this year. His wonderful if often times one-sided relationship with Reigen makes it all the better.

Quickly followed by…

Best New Show – Mob Psycho 100

Yeah, you see Mob Psycho get a mention in almost every single category, so this shouldn’t be much of a surprise. It’s actually quite interesting since I wouldn’t put the show in my all time top 10. I think really it is the fact that Mob Psycho 100 maintained high quality over so many audio-visual and narrative elements that keeps it at the peak of 2016. There really wasn’t that many shows that can profess to be so well rounded this year.

Finally follwed by…

Best Commentary – Mob Psycho 100

Last one, I promise. You know the more I think about it, the fact that Re;Zero and ReLife were touching on similar issues made it harder to pick one over the other and is yet another reason that Mob Psycho stands out. Realistically the subtext in any of the aforementioned shows would be worth winning an award but unfortunately not in this meaningless award show.

How Did This Get The Greenlight? – Keijo!!!!

Pretty much all the other nominees are things I could accommodate. They are undeniably slip ups but at least they’re feasible. Keijo is something I can’t comprehend. I know, I know, it’s not for me. I know, I know, I’m not saying it shouldn’t exist. What I am saying is that this anime started as an idea in somebodies head. Thousands of years of evolution, war and poverty, humanity struggled out of the darkness and into the light, all to end up creating a ‘sports’ anime like this. I literally can’t even right now.

If Robot AI overthrow us in the future: 1) we probably deserve it, 2) they are better for the planet anyway

Best Creature Companion – Penguin

Mayoiga was many things. Yeah, I’ll leave it at that. It does have a kickass penguin though. It might not be as fleshed out as Dimple, or have dialogue like Nastu, but it is a penguin. You like penguins right?

Best Art Style – Flip Flappers

Flip Flappers happened to find the perfect balance between experimentation and regularity. At times it can be deceptively normal, even though you know that it is just a facade. It might not be the best are either which direction it takes but that comes with aiming for the middle. I like it.

Biggest Disappointment – Kuma Miko

Urgh, there is nothing I hate more in anime than inappropriate jokes about children. Loli culture can be harmless but more often than not it’s this stuff that defines it. So there is a tale of a bear mating with a young virgin, okay, so the anime then decides to show Machi naked with the bears nose barely covering her crotch? So Machi is being groomed as the village idol, okay, so the ‘wise old men’ of the village have her dress up in skimpy outfits over and over ago, seemingly for their own satisfaction? It’s all in bad taste. A girl being friends with a bear is cute, sexualizing the girl then makes it gross. I don’t think I’m a prude for suggesting that.

And that about wraps it up. I would say I spent an extremely long time on this post but the reality is that I’ve been sick and whining about it on twitter instead. Regardless, the curtains are closing, the winners walk away with their imaginary golden statuettes, and I give a stirring speech that brings you all to tears. Picture it for me because I don’t have the budget. Oh and by the way this is actually a pay per-view article, so err, cough up for that one as well. I have an elite team of debt collectors that will get you if you don’t. How do I pay them you ask? I blog on anime for them of course, don’t ask such silly questions.

In other news the final word count is 6044, including these last paragraphs, yes, I do have the ability to travel through time, AMA. I mention that only because this makes it the largest post I have written for my series on #12DaysofAnime. I don’t think I mentioned it before but one of my starting goals was to break 10,000 words across the whole thing. I actually managed that by Day 9 but for perspective this post alone contributes over half the words I would have needed for the original goal. Now it’s undeniably easier to write for an award show than a in-depth analysis but 6044 words is 6044 words.

This is rambling now. To get back on topic I want to say that I hope you’re all angry with at least one of my choices. I also hope to hear from you about why I am objectively wrong and how this award show is rife with corruption. Feel free to point out spelling and grammar mistakes. I’ve done a quick proofread but going over 6000 words for something so casual is a lot of work. Yes that is an admission of laziness. Sue me.

Thanks for reading!

PS. I spent way too long on the logo. Please tell me about how much you love it and it’s the greatest thing ever.

7 thoughts on “Day 11: The All Hail Haruhi Awards

  1. Interesting commentary of Mob Psycho 100 and toxic masculinity. In retrospect it was nice that the body-building bros went about their hobby in a constructive manner.
    Also regarding Keijo: I wonder what goes through the female animators’ minds when they’re drawing and animating all the T&A

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    1. Mob Psycho 100 was great to its male characters. They were flawed people but in a human way. I appreciated that is was more dynamic than other shows that would present masculinity as inherently incompatible with society.

      I don’t think anyone working on Keijo bar the original creator cared about anything more than the paycheck!


  2. Now I’m super interested in seeing that Re:zero article!
    Nice job on the post (and logo)! It makes me want to write up something of this sort. I’m glad to see that we share some opinions on things and I’m surprised that you haven’t written something on Mob Psycho yet (unless you have and my searching skills are horrendous).
    Get well soon! 🙂

    P.S. Fuuka might not be your cup of tea (or anyone’s for that matter), haha.

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    1. It’s not like I’m happy you complimented the logo or anything, baka!

      Re;Zero article probably won’t be happening. I gave it a shot but it doesn’t fit as well as it did in my head. Would rather work on something new that has a better foundation to work off of.

      What you see here is more or less everything I wrote for Mob Psycho during its run. I might revisit it in the future but no promises.

      Have you seen Fuuka then? Sounds you know I’ll hate it. Now I’m scared haha


      1. Hehe.
        Ah okay. Re;zero’s one of those shows that generates a lot of conversation so I like to see people’s thoughts on it.
        As for Fuuka… I read the source material and well, if you’ve ever read or watched anything written by Koji Seo you’ll know what I’m talking about haha.

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  3. Kuma Miko was a huge disappointment, wasn’t it? The cute concept belied the creepy treatment of a vulnerable young teen and the depressing ending. It was in a sense a thought-provoking watch (about what we write off as being cute and funny vs what is actually cute and funny), but it’s also a show I would have passed on if I wasn’t watching it as it aired. I have to also agree that the ED was top notch!

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