Day 8: I Was Nominated For A Blog Award – A Story of Six Acts

Day 8, #12DaysofAnime. So as I mentioned in my last post I finished early and was hoping to use the spare time to plan ahead for today’s post. I then proceeded to come up with absolutely zero new ideas. Now today I’ve gotten two, the first of which will be a response to a Blog Award I was nominated for. Fair warning, I get very silly with this, so things will be much more normal tomorrow.

Act 1

The organisation behind the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ is ruthless. They operate in the shadows, punishing all prospective writers that would see fit to ignore the six sacred rules of their divine order. No official news sites will say as much but rumors on the streets speak of cloaked figures stalking the streets at night, disappearances under suspect circumstances and nepotism spread throughout all branches of government.

For the organisation their are six rules. To the bloggers there is one. Don’t fuck with the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’.

So for the sake of my measly life and the future of the All Hail Haruhi blog, special thanks go to D of D Talks Anime. While I have to skip the episodic posts D writes so that I don’t get spoiled, D has written a very introspective article on Fanservice that will likely resonate with a lot of people that have mixed feelings on the subject. If you’re interested, there is a lot of good discussion to be found over there, so check it out.

Act 2



( I have no idea if this is official)

Hopefully that will satiate rule 2. This is the same image D uses and it comes up pretty highly in the search results, so it must be right. At the very least D hasn’t (yet) been carted away by the secret police of the blog awards cult-like underbelly.

Act 3

As per rule 3 I must now share 7 things about myself. This will almost certainly be added to my case file at headquarters but I don’t think they give you much choice. I’d rather do it here than in a dimly lit room with buckets of water and butchers knives. As it turns out, thinking of seven things to reveal that aren’t too personal is quite difficult, without further ado:

One – I easily have the most varied music taste amongst people I know in real life. I like all kinds of Hip-Hop, EDM, Rock, Metal, Classical, Folk music and more. While this does mean that I’m not an connoisseur if any single genre, I’m much more likely than the average joe to enjoy the music you put on at a party.

Two – I was a movie buff before I came to anime. My favourite film is a South Korean crime thriller under the name of “New World” made back in 2013. It’s a modernized version of The Godfather will a shorter run time and a whole lot of style. For the record: Nobody is doing crime stories quite like the South Korean movie industry.

Three – The more online friends I’ve made is directly correlated with the separation of real life friends. It’s only within the past year that I have come to realize that I was being taken for granted by people in my real life, because I was choosing to settle for less than the best. Meeting people online has come to teach me that I don’t need to hang around others that don’t respect me just because “they’re all I’ve got”.

Four – I’d never share where to find them but I feature in multiple youtube videos across various channels. These range from movie reviews, art shows and even a music video. Additionally I feature in at least one book and one radio ‘highway safety’ advert. Oh and before you try searching, they are not listed under my real name or user name. Let your imagination go wild.

Five – As a child I used to be very bitter, unemphatic and resentful. While I had little control over the events that shaped me this way, the proudest moment in my life is the transition away from the old me to becoming the me of today. Not perfect, but much more caring and emotionally tuned.

Six – I was consistently an under performer in Primary School (Elementary for you Americans). I had extreme difficulty learning anything and fell behind everyone else of me age group. It was only in the last year or so before going to High School that I managed to shoot up to the top.

Seven – My ‘dream’ is to travel the world and document the everyday life of each place I visit. Taking photographs, recording video, keeping a journal, interacting with people, experiencing the spiritual components, exploring the art and learning the history. It’s not something that could be a career for anyone as far as I know but I’d love to live beyond the comfortable bubble I’m in now.

Act 4

So before they let me go I have rat out my fellow bloggers, so they too can be assimilated by the overlords of this prestigious award. Now I’m personally not part of any large blogger network. In fact most of the people I do know have already done this award. This complicates things a little, so if this is your second nomination or you don’t want to take part, feel free to ignore:

No obligations~

Act 5

The Rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog
  • Add the One Lovely Blog Award to your post
  • Share 7 things about yourself
  • Pass this on to as many people as you like (max 15)
  • Include this set of rules
  • Inform your nominees

Thou Shalt not deviate from the Path of Righteousness. 

Act 6

Nominees should already be informed by wordpress. If not I’ll be in contact, although I don’t want to put pressure on anyone to respond, so maybe I should leave it be.

What’s that? I need to be forceful? The Cult demands it?

Wait no, don’t do that! I’m sorry I won’t do it agai—

Okay I was being stupid here. I’m in a rush so there won’t be a big epilogue but I hope you enjoyed reading. See you next time.


3 thoughts on “Day 8: I Was Nominated For A Blog Award – A Story of Six Acts

  1. How can you be suuuure that I haven’t been carted away by the secret blog cult? I could be an impostor.


    Anyway, that was a pretty entertaining way to do the award. I hope you keep blogging for a long time and uh, don’t get taken away to torture chambers. That’d suck.

    Liked by 1 person

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