Day 6: Confessions of an Aniholic

So given this article series is supposed to be retrospective in at least some way, I figured it wouldn’t be inappropriate to do a stat by stat breakdown of my anime watching as recorded by MAL. All the info graphics on display here were created using graph anime plus, so if you’re interested in checking out your own stats check there.

Part 1: Ratings

So if you’ve spent any considerable amount of time in the anime community then you should be already well aware that scores don’t mean anything other than to the one giving them out. I’m saying this because it’s true but also partly because my scoring tends to gravitate much lower than the average anime fan. I don’t intend to start any ratings war by revealing them here so if you disagree that’s cool. However if you think I’m an inhumane monster for scoring so low, then make sure to tell me what your favourite anime is so I can quickly give it a 1/10.


(Ratings distribution)

Here is the full breakdown:

Titles rated 10: 12 (2.52%)

Titles rated 9: 21 (4.4%)

Titles rated 8: 48 (10.06%)

Titles rated 7: 63 (13.21%)

Titles rated 6: 85 (17.82%)

Titles rated 5: 82 (17.19%)

Titles rated 4: 69 (14.47%)

Titles rated 3: 51 (10.69%)

Titles rated 2: 35 (7.34%)

Titles rated 1: 11 (2.31%)


  • I am more likely to rate something as 10/10 than a 1/10, however I am more likely to put an anime in the range of 1-2 than 9-10
  • Almost half (49.48%) of all I watch I rate between 4-6 out of 10
  • I will typically rate a title 2 points lower than the average MAL user
  • The highest percentage difference between two ratings is 15.51% (1/10 ratings compared to 6/10 ratings)
  • I have not given a particular rating to more than 100 titles out of the 477 currently rated
  • The stats are technically incorrect, as ratings for shows that I am still watching and therefore unsure about, are included in the overall breakdown
  • Ratings on opposite ends of the scale tend to have similar totals e.g. There is a 3 anime difference between 3/10 & 8/10


(Ratings vs time spent)

Here is the full breakdown:

Time Spent on titles rated 10: 60.9H (2.54%)

Time Spent on titles rated 9: 84.72H (3.53%)

Time Spent on titles rated 8: 194.8H (8.12%)

Time Spent on titles rated 7: 270.9H (11.29%)

Time Spent on titles rated 6: 435.52H (18.52%)

Time spent on titles rated 5: 416.28H (17.35%)

Time spent on titles rated 4: 500.12H (20.85%)

Time spent on titles rated 3: 291.85H (12.17%)

Time spent on titles rated 2: 123.85H (5.16%)

Time spent on titles rated 1: 20.13H (0.84%)


  • I’ve watched way too much anime
  • The graph lists me as spending three hours per day watching anime. This is incorrect however as it is calculated by total hours since the creation of my MAL account. This means that anime I watched years ago, such as Pokemon, Transformers, Ghost in the Shell, Cowboy Bebop etc. are counted as having been completed in only the last two years
  • I am most likely to spend my time watching an anime I rate between 4-6, which matches up with the previous graph
  • Naruto: Shippuden is responsible for a 1/3 of my time spent on titles rated 4/10
  • The majority of titles I’ve rated 1/10 are shorts such as shitcom and Mars of Destruction, hence the low watch time
  • According to the chart I’ve spent 20 hours on Haruhi related material, however this does not seem to include the rewatches I have registered on the account
  • The graph says I have spent 99 Days watching anime although MAL has this number at 106 Days. This difference is the rewatch time that is missing, implying I’ve spent a total of 7 Days rewatching old favourites
  • I am much more likely to rate a short or movie 9/10 than I am to give that same rating to a full show
  • I have not changed my MAL to account for the time I’ve spent watching One Piece and Gintama, which would likely add around 5 Days to my total watch time
  • This graph indicates I have a problem, please send help ASAP


(Ratings vs episode count)

Here is the full breakdown:

Titles with 1 Episode: 41 (5.06 Mean Rating)

Titles with 2-6 Episodes: 25 (4.60 Mean Rating)

Titles with 7-13 Episodes: 158 (5.50 Mean Rating)

Titles with 14-26 Episodes: 81 (5.88 Mean Rating)

Titles with 27-52 Episodes: 14 (5.57 Mean Rating)

Titles with 53-100 Episodes: 5 (7.60 Mean Rating)

Titles with 101+ Episodes: 10 (4.60 Mean Rating)

Titles with ? Episodes: 2 (5.00 Mean Rating)


  • While movies are technically discounted, MAL has some movies listed as episodes instead, meaning that they appear in the 1 episode category in the graph
  • Shorts and two cour shows consistently rate higher than any other length for anime
  • Given the lack of data it is hard to determine whether shows above 26 episodes perform better than those below
  • Shows that are 2-6 episodes long have the same mean rating as those with 101+ episodes
  • The (?) category includes Naruto Shippuden and One Piece which is because they are still ongoing without a set end date
  • I am more likely to rate a two cour show higher than a one cour, which is probably because I drop longer shows I don’t like more easily, skewing the results
  • Another reason would be that two cour shows are typically bigger productions and therefore have more resources to work with
  • Unsurprisingly the vast majority of anime I watch are 12-13 episodes

Part 2: Favourites

Here’s the most interesting part. The following data will tell you how I’ve scored shows from certain years & decades, along with my favourite studios and genres. These are calculated in various different ways, so while my ratings do indicate what I rate higher or watch more, I’ll insert my own perspective into things to be more precise. Let me know if we do share any favourites!


(Favourite Years)

Here is the partial breakdown:

Mean score for 2000: 5.00 (4 Titles)

Mean score for 2001: 5.67 (6 Titles)

Mean score for 2002: 6.25 (8 Titles)

Mean score for 2003: 4.92 (12 Titles)

Mean score for 2004: 5.69 (16 Titles)

Mean score for 2005: 4.94 (16 Titles)

Mean score for 2006: 6.37 (19 Titles)

Mean score for 2007: 5.47 (17 Titles)

Mean score for 2008: 5.60 (20 Titles)

Mean score for 2009: 5.52 (23 Titles)

Mean score for 2010: 4.88 (32 Titles)

Mean score for 2011: 5.52 (31 Titles)

Mean score for 2012: 5.00 (44 Titles)

Mean score for 2013: 5.47 (45 Titles)

Mean score for 2014: 5.42 (60 Titles)

Mean score for 2015: 4.80 (45 Titles)

Mean score for 2016: 5.56 (25 Titles)


  • The graph before the 2000s is sporadic because for most years I’ve watched between 1-5 anime which obvious leads to extreme differences in the mean score
  • 2000 & 2012 share the same score as well as 2009 & 2011
  • 2004 & 2005 share the same total anime watched as well as 2013 & 2015
  • The mean score peaks in 2006, which is the year of Haruhi Suzumiya, Ouran High School Host Club and Welcome to the NHK
  • The mean scores floors out in 2015, which is the year of  Monster Musume, Military! and Vampire Holmes
  • 2016 has finished off fairly positive thanks to anime such as Shouwa Rakugo, ReLife and Mob Psycho 100
  • I’ve skipped most seasonal anime in the latter part of 2016 which might skew the data. This also explains the low title count compared to recent years
  • 1973 sits at the top with 10/10 due to only film title – Belladonna of Sadness


(Favourite Decades)

Here is the partial breakdown:

Mean score for 1970s: 6.20 (5 Titles)

Mean score for 1980s: 5.74 (19 Titles)

Mean score for 1990s: 5.83 (23 Titles)

Mean score for 2000s: 5.57 (141 Titles)

Mean score for 2010s: 5.22 (282 Titles)


  • While numbers are skewed, the trend seems to be that the older a show is the more likely I am to rate it higher. This is almost certainly a case of survivorship bias meaning that the only older anime I watch are the ‘classics’ that are widely accepted to be good
  • I’ve watched more anime from the past six years than all other decades combined
  • Of the completed anime I have rated 10/10, 3 are from the -10s, 5 are from the -00s and 1 is from the -70s
  • My favourite anime from 2010-2016 is “When Marnie was There” by Studio Ghibli
  • My favourite anime from 2000-2009 is “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” by Kyoto Animation
  • My favourite anime from 1990-1999 is “Perfect Blue” by Studio Madhouse


(Favourite Types)

Here is the full breakdown:

Mean score for TV: 5.49

Mean score for Movies: 5.56

Mean score for Specials: 5.40

Mean score for OVAs: 4.72

Mean score ONAs: 4.23

Mean score for Music Videos: 4.00


  • If the anime I’m watching is a show, special or movie the odds are that I will like it
  • The reverse is true for OVAs, ONAs and Music anime
  • The mean for Movies would be significantly higher if it weren’t for the Naruto movies which all have scores between 1-5
  • Standalone specials perform much better than specials attached to a series
  • I don’t have a single OVA rated above an 8
  • On a similar note I only have one ONA rated an 8, with the rest typically placing around 2-6
  • The highest scored Music Video is “Mudai” rated an 8


(Favourite Genres)

Here’s the partial breakdown:

Genre with the most completed titles: Comedy (176)

Genre with the highest mean score: Hentai (7.33)

Genre with the highest weighted score: Mystery (5.92)

Genre with the most hours invested: Action (1338.5H)


  • My favourite director, Eiichi Yamamoto, has made all 3 of the ‘Hentai’ I’ve watched. The full list is Cleopatra, Belladonna of Sadness and The Sensualist. This explains why the category is so high, since most of his R(18+) movies are intended to be experimental as opposed to commercial porn.
  • Comedy as a genre tag is extremely broad and includes titles such as Princess Tutu, Pokemon and Kuroko no Basket
  • Mystery is a much more precise tag, including shows such as Hyouka, Mayogia and Death Note
  • Action is also a very broad tag and includes every long running show I have watched
  • Josei titles score consistently high, with only one entry below 6/10
  • My top three Shojo anime are: Ouran High School Host Club, Wolf Girl and Black Prince and Natsume’s Book of Friends
  • My top three Shounen anime are: Transformers, Samurai Champloo and Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  • Harem and Ecchi anime perform the worst, the only two genres to have an average of below 5.00
  • I have not yet rated a Gundam show above a 7/10
  • My favorite romance anime are Planetes, Paradise Kiss, Honobono Log and The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan


(Favourite Studios)

Here’s the partial breakdown:

Studio with the most completed titles: Production I.G (48)

Studio with the highest mean score: Mushi Production (10.00)

Studio with the highest weighted score: Studio Ghibli (6.06)

Studio with the most hours invested: Studio Pierrot (304.2H)


  • While having the most completed titles, Production I.G narrowly misses the top 10 in weighted score, demonstrating that out of all Studios they remain the most consistent
  • Bones scores surprisingly high and could very easily top Ghibli in the near future.
  • Madhouse holds the majority of the highest anime I’ve seen, brought down only by titles such as Overlord, Summer Wars and No Game No Life, which are highly received elsewhere
  • Kyoto Animation places in the top 10 but almost entirely due to Haruhi Suzumiya, with the rest of the catalog floating around the middle
  • Mushi Productions made Belladonna of Sadness hence the extremely high mean score
  • Trigger is another studio that would place much higher if it wasn’t for low ratings given to Ninja Slayer and Inferno Cop
  • Unsurprisingly A-1 pictures is right at the bottom for both mean and weighted scores. Even a year of outputting great shows would not be enough to pull them out of the pits
  • While Ghibli does have a few greats, it is largely thanks to their lack of bad films that keeps them at the top
  • Most of Madhouse’s successes can be accredited to famed directors Satoshi Kon and Masaaki Yuasa

Part 3: Top X lists

Time for the final round. While the stats have been useful for getting a feel for how I rate and why, the way the systems allocates favourites is not entirely accurate in determining the creme de la creme from my perspective. So in this section I’ll go through the top shows, movies, studios and others. Under other circumstances I would write out a few paragraph to justify each pick but I have another project in the works that is already covering this, so for now this will have to do, sorry about that.

– Top 10 TV Shows –


  1. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
  2. Kill la Kill
  3. Lupin the Third, The Woman Called Fujiko Mine
  4. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  5. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
  6. The Tatami Galaxy
  7. Kaiba
  8. Space☆Dandy
  9. Planetes
  10. The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan

– Top 10 Movies –


  1. Belladonna of Sadness
  2. When Marnie Was There
  3. Millennium Actress
  4. Perfect Blue
  5. Colorful
  6. Ghost in the Shell
  7. The Tale of the Princess Kaguya
  8. Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
  9. On A Stormy Night (Arashi no Yoru ni)
  10. Transformers the Movie

– Special Mentions (Didn’t quite make the cut) –


  1. Otona Joshi no Anime Time
  2. Haibane Renmei
  3. Tonari no Seki-kun
  4. Paradise Kiss

Whew. That concludes Day 6. This took much longer than I expected. At 2100 words, crazy amounts of formatting and image sourcing it is easily the largest post I’ve made for the series so far. In fact given the time constraints I don’t think I’ll be able to top this. There’s quite a lot of detail here and I use plenty of formal matter-of-fact language so I don’t expect anyone to read it all. If you have made it this far down or just skipped around,

Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “Day 6: Confessions of an Aniholic

  1. You asked for common favorites!
    – haibane renmei and Marnie are both the anime equivalent of an emotional gut punch and a hug, in the best possible way
    – planetes was really sweet
    – ghost in the shell:SAC had some wonderful emotional climaxes, but the thing with episodic series is I end up forgetting most of the episodes

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Someone who has a decent t-distribution of scores. I can respect that! (Says me who removed all my scores from MAL a while ago in a fit of frustration against the system). I’d read about other people’s anime stats all day!

    2006 was a good year for anime, wasn’t it? I can definitely think of quite a few of my enduring favourites which came out in 2006. It’s hard to believe that Haruhi is 10 years old, but time stands still for no-one right?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve had a quite of few of those “Has it really been that long?” moments while going through the list. Even anime that came out at the start of last year had me going “Hang on, I thought that only came out a few months ago?”.

      Time flies.

      Liked by 1 person

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